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Walking and Talking: An Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

Mar 3, 2021

On this one-year anniversary episode I’m joined again by Chase Bontemps (Shotgun). Shotgun is a 23 year-old West Virginia University grad who now works as a civil engineer in Washington DC. He’s one of my best friends from the trail and we hiked the northern half together. Today’s episode is a relaxed conversation in which we reflect on the one-year anniversary of our start dates. If you’d like to hear Shotgun’s backstory, I recommend first listening to episodes 11 and 19. If you’ve already heard those episodes, or if you just want to dive into this episode, welcome aboard!


**I was riddled with technical difficulties while recording and editing this episode. I tried my best to make everything sound as normal as possible


Thank you to everyone who has listened to the show over this past year! You all rock! 


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